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Fascinated by India


2021.3.20sat _4.3sat

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A shocking and unforgettable memory that anyone who has ever visited India will relate to. Beautiful landscapes, people, smells, floods of colors... The more you know about India, the more profound it becomes, with its 5,000-year long history, culture, and handcrafts like works of art. We would like to introduce three brands that have been fascinated by India, a fascinating country where we have traveled around the world, lived and arrived.


Minakusi makes unique jewelry by combining precious antique accessory parts collected from their travels with natural stones and beads.


Fabracadabra, which upcycles saris and other items with colors and unique patterns handed down from Indian families into outerwear from fabric that has been hand-stitched (kantha) in layers.


ne Quittez pas, which sublimates itself into fashion chic with comfortable materials in uplifting colors and outstanding handwork. In March, when spring flowers begin to bloom little by little, we hope that you will enjoy the arrival of spring by dressing in each layer.