Made to order

​Gold:2 Black:1


  • ​Artist: Kanehen | Shiori Miyajima

  • ​Price: Gold ¥34,000/Black ¥38,000+tax

  • Body Size: W 80cm x H 55cm 

  • Rod Size: 47cm×2pieces

  • Weight: 160g

  • Material: Brass

  • SKU: Gold no.0156/Black no.188

  • Made in Japan

  • Made to Order: 1 month to 1.5 months(受注制作 納期1ヶ月~1ヶ月半)

ヘッディング 1

ヘッディング 1


There is a number stamped on the wings. Hook and assemble them in the order of small numbers.

ヘッディング 1




ヘッディング 1


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Only Kanehen's mobile works will be shipped overseas.

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Some items are in stock, but most items are made to order in limited quantities 

and will take some time to produce. 

Most of the items are made to order and will take some time to produce. 

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